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As a pedestrian, you only have yourself to depend on when it comes to your safety. In traffic accidents, pedestrians are the most vulnerable to serious to fatal injuries. In fact, in a recent California Highway Patrol (CHP) study, pedestrians are tagged as victims in the statistics that the agency has compiled. According to that particular study, 439 or almost 16 percent of the 2,835 deaths in accidents that happen on the road are pedestrians. This is the reason why so many pedestrian accident cases have been filed over the years as more and more innocent people get injured or killed because of road accidents that happen every year.

There is a pedestrian accident law in the state of California. This is under the personal injury and tort laws that are currently being implemented in its territories. These laws give legal remedies for victims of such incidents to file a claim against those responsible for the accident. This means that drivers who get involved in crashes causing injuries to victims will be held liable for being irresponsible and negligent.

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident and you have been hurt or incurred injuries, you must make sure that you get the medical attention that you need. Not only this will help you be better and recover from your injuries, such will also be a valuable piece of evidence when you file a pedestrian accident lawsuit. A thorough medical check-up and treatment will help you determine your body’s true condition, which can be used to prove the extent of injuries that the defendant in your claim has caused. This, along with other important pieces of evidence recovered on the scene can help you file a credible and strong claim. However, given the complexities and technicalities of the laws, you will need the help of someone who understands such laws to help boost your chances of winning such claims.

Our aggressive and experienced California pedestrian accident attorney can ensure you that your claim will be met with great outcome. Melrose Law Firm has been on the side of pedestrian accident victims for decades now, so you can be confident that when you entrust your case with us, you will receive maximum compensations from the liable parties involved. We will make sure that you will obtain damages for hospital bills, medication and rehabilitation expenses, and lost earnings, loss of future earnings, as well as pain and suffering. For free case analysis, you may call us at (866) 500-4141.

How to Win a Pedestrian Lawsuit?

After you have come up and prepared a strong, credible case against those responsible for your injuries, ask the help of California pedestrian accident lawyers to successfully file your claim. They have better knowledge and understanding of the laws and statutes of these laws that will help boost your chances of winning these claims. By trying to settle your case with the defendants, a legal representative saves you time and effort while helping you get the most compensation. However, if these talks for settlements fail and you believe that you have a very strong case, your legal defenders will help you file a pedestrian accident claim in California to the courts and come up with a legal battle plan to help ensure your victory. During such time, you need to disclose everything that you know to your legal counsel as this would help them come up with a better strategy to best present your claims and boost your chances of winning such claims.

Your legal defender can assist and guide you in different levels of your personal injury claim, leading your case to the most favorable resolution possible. Your representative will help you come up with a solid case to effectively prove the liability of the negligent driver who hit you. He or she will also assist you in collecting important pieces of evidence, in preparing necessary legal documents, and in orienting you on how to properly engage with the liable party’s legal team and insurance company. Ultimately, your legal counsel will ensure that you get maximum amount of economic and non-economic damages possible, which can certainly help you in compensating medical expenses, loss of income, loss of earning capacity, emotional distress, and loss of an extremity, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering.

If ever you get injured as a result of a pedestrian accident in California, make sure that you get legal assistance as soon as you can. You would want to contact a reputable personal injury law firm that will assess the preliminary details of your case. The law firm’s attorneys will be able to assist you in claiming for personal injury damages the soonest possible time, helping you get back to pre-accident condition much faster. Do not hesitate on consulting with pedestrian accident experts immediately because the later you pursue a case, the lower is your chances at securing maximum personal injury compensations. Lastly, do not allow the liable party to get away from his or her negligent actions; always assert for your rights.

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