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With the increase and advancement in technology, our fast paced lives also lead to a number of negative effects like road accidents. In pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents alone, at least 5,000 people are killed and at least 64,000 are fatally injured in a yearly basis. The alarming increase of these pedestrian accidents created the need for expert pedestrian accident attorneys who will make sure that the victims get the best compensation they deserve as a result of these devastating accidents. If you have been seriously injured by a negligent driver while walking along the streets of California, it is of utmost importance to call a pedestrian accident attorney in California right away in order to make sure that the negligent driver pays for his reckless acts.

what should I do after pedestrian accident?

Our top California pedestrian accident lawyers have vast experience in dealing with insurance companies of negligent parties involved in pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents. Our seasoned pedestrian accident attorneys have already handled thousands of cases involving pedestrian victims with traumatic and devastating injuries, like traumatic brain injuries, serious spinal cord injury or neck injuries resulting in permanent disabilities or paralysis, multiple broken bones and even death. In all these cases, the insurance companies of the negligent parties involved tried their very best in order to frustrate our clients' just and valid claims but to no avail. The millions of dollars of combined settlements by our top pedestrian accident attorneys are testament to our California pedestrian injury lawyers' competence and devotion to their injured pedestrian clients.

Why Should I Hire a top Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

Due to the nature of the accident and the parties involved in a pedestrian vs. vehicle accident, the physical injuries and mental state of the pedestrian victims are often always severe. Every pedestrian accident lawyer knows that the more serious the injuries, the higher the costs of actual medical care and even future treatments and procedures become. In some cases, the future medical care may be needed by the pedestrian victim for life, depending on the seriousness or permanence of the damages suffered by the victim. The high costs of actual medical treatments alone would assure that the insurance company of the negligent party would do anything to lessen or even deny a victim's compensation. Hence, your best protection after being involved in a pedestrian vs. vehicle accident is to contact a well versed California pedestrian accident attorney to make sure that your rights are protected and your claims amply preserved. Otherwise, you might become a victim for the second time around, this time by the insurance company of the negligent party who makes it its business to save money and not provide you with your just compensation if it is able to.

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If you or your loved ones have been seriously injured or if you lost someone dear to you as a result of a pedestrian accident, you deserve the best legal representation possible. Our pedestrian accident lawyers in California are ready and eager to protect your claims against the negligent party and set things right for you and your loved ones. Call Us Now at (866) 500-4141 for your free case evaluation or if you prefer you can email Us or take advantage of our On-line Case Submission and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible at definitely no cost to you.

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