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Bicycles are classified as vehicles which have similar rights and responsibilities with the motorized vehicle under the federal law. This has been implemented to, if not eradicate, at least lessen the incidents of accidents involving cyclists. However, the cases of bike-related accident in California keep on rambling. As one progressive county that shelters an abundant count of vehicles taking different routes daily and which are mostly by rush, the alarming increase of related fatalities and injuries are no wonder being incurred by the victims increasingly.

Meanwhile, when a biker turned into a victim, he or she would most probably be affected with some of the following injuries: a dislocation of joint, jaw injuries head and neck injuries, fractured bones, nerve damage and even paralysis. These dangers or threats to one’s health only prove how vital it is to assert every bike accident rights in form of a personal injury claim. So, if you had unfortunately been subjected to such, it is a must that you file a bicycle accident claim in California as soon as possible.

As a bike accident victim, pursuant to tort laws, you may be entitled to compensations for hospital bills, rehabilitation expenses, medication expenses, and bicycle repair/replacement expenses, lost wages, loss of future wages, as well as pain and suffering. However, you should know that successfully claiming for said compensations is no walk in the park. In order to win such case, you need to hire the best legal professionals who can champion your rights and interests. Your chosen legal team should be able to prove the negligence of the opposing party and to ensure that you will receive maximum compensations in order for you to recover from your losses in the soonest possible time.

Melrose Law Firm has always been one of the most trusted law offices in California when it comes to bicycle accident cases. Our highly experienced and skilled California bike accident attorneys can assure you that you will receive the highest possible amount of compensations. Our firm does not stop until our clients are satisfied with the results. Our definite goal is to provide you with the best legal representation possible so you don’t have to worry about your losses due to the accident.

Our firm offers No Win, No Fee guarantee so you don’t have to worry about the legal fees. With this, we can assure you that we will deliver the best results, not compromising on the quality of services we provide. Furthermore, we offer free case review and initial consultation. If you have a bike accident case and you want to be represented by the best in the legal industry, call us today at (866) 500-4141.

Why You Should Hire Bike Accident Lawyer?

Whenever a traffic accident happens, what usually puts a rightful biker at risk is a negligent motor vehicle driver. Thus, it has been a main and typical reason of simple negligence or misconduct committed by the said involved individual. These are two of the most frequent examples of bicycle accidents in California caused by vehicle driver’s negligence:

  • Car taking a left turn. With two involved parties approaching an intersection from opposite directions, a biker is commonly injured by a motor vehicle driver that turns left. Accordingly, there are two reasons for this: a miscalculation of the biker’s speed and when a motor vehicle driver fails to see him or her. Evidently, whenever this specific circumstance occurs, the liability would fall towards the motor vehicle driver involved.
  • Neglecting the right of way. Collisions in intersections are rampant cases of road misfortune in the state. Affecting a biker, even if he or she holds the right-of-way and with the absence of stop sign when a motor vehicle suddenly crosses coming from another street that contains no stop sign as well, a clash can be expected. In such case, the motor vehicle driver is at fault.

Other accidents may include the negligence of a car owner, for example, when he or she had neglectfully left such vehicle’s door open near occupying a portion of your right-of-way. However, proving the negligence or the fault of the opposing party is never easy; this is why it is extremely important to be represented by an experienced personal injury law expert.

By the time that you had proven your bicycle accident case’s validity, the next thing that you must pay your attention with is composing a demand compensation as soon as you can without exceeding with the in effect statute of limitation. With a legal counsel, you are secured with completing the necessary documents on time. These would comprise a copy of police report, your medical clearance, the other driver’s basic information, his or her insurance company’s information, pieces of evidence such as some pictures of the aftermath as well as an ample number of statements from witnesses of the said accident are the examples of documents you and your legal counsel should gather.

On the other hand, it’s also your advantage to know that when an informal settlement seems unfair for the sum of your acquired losses, then you may still seek for a maximum compensation comprising of economic and non-economic damages as well as some punitive damages if your case is too severe. You may file your bike accident claim in California in the small claims court for lesser fees and quicker results or you can also file in civil court for a greater result with the guidance of your law firm to finally collect your lost wages, lost benefits, lost future salary, related medical fees and other expenses including your emotional distresses as well as your pains and sufferings.

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